Commissioned Text | COUNTLESS: gender diversity and accounting for the unassimilable

Archie Barry

Countess @ C-A-C – Part I

Countess Editorial

Countess @ C-A-C – Part II

Countess Editorial

Australian Pavillion Venice Biennale 1954-2019

Elvis Richardson

Sydney Contemporary 2017-2018

Miranda Samuels

Commissioned Text | 'Dear Gallery Director'

Rebecca Gallo

Australian secondary art education

Miranda Samuels

  1. Clear Expectations
    Guidelines for Institutions, Galleries and Curators Working with Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse Artists
    by Spence Messih & Archie Barry, copy-edited by Bobuq Sayed and proofread by EO Gill
→ Countess Report (2014)

We are currently collating data and will publish an updated version of The Countess Report in the second half of 2019.



The Countess Report is an independent artist run initiative that publishes data on gender representation in the Australian contemporary art world. An artist run initiative, Countess simultaneously works in the legacies of institutional critique and research based conceptual art practices.

The work of Countess is both art and advocacy.

Our goal is to inform and influence systemic change through data collection and analysis published on our website and in our 4 year sector reports (Countess Report 2014 and soon to be released Countess Report 2019).

Museums are welcome to submit data directly to Countess for use in our 4 year reports and website stories.

We individually negotiate commissions, partnerships and collaborations with museums or galleries to work with their exhibitions, collections or data. Our role as artists is an essential component of our engagement with institutions.

In lieu of commissioning our work, we encourage institutions to donate (link to the donate page) to The Countess Report. Donations are a recognition of the financial requirements necessary to continue providing this resource as a service to the arts community. All donations will be publicly acknowledged on our website and referenced in our report.

Countess recommends that museums and galleries collect, and make publicly accessible, their own data on gender, exhibitions and acquisitions. This process can be used to by an organisation to reflect upon and inform collection policies and exhibition practices. Countess are developing a document to guide institutions towards achieving this goal and can be engaged to present a workshop to launch this initiative at museums and galleries by invitation.

The project was founded in 2008 by artist Elvis Richardson. In 2017 artist Amy Prcevich (Melbourne) and Miranda Samuels (Sydney/NYC) joined Elvis as co-editors of Countess.