The Countess.Report is an evolving independent collaborative research project led by artists; Amy Prcevich, Elvis Richardson, Miranda Samuels and Shevaun Wright, with special guest collaborators including Melinda Rackham, co-author of Countess: Spoiling Illusions Since 2008 (2023).

Countess.Report investigates the structures and frameworks that govern artistic production and legitimation in the Australian contemporary art world. We publish data and analysis on trends in gender representation, the education of artists, the distribution of arts funding, media representation and related topics. Our research is self-published in quadrennial sector-wide reports.

The work of Countess is both art and advocacy; our role as artists is essential to the research we publish. We welcome conversations with museums and galleries around prospective collaborations, partnerships and commissions to work directly with their exhibitions and collections data in the production of research and artwork.

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